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September 30, 2019

The Westbrook Group of Companies is pleased to announce changes to its ownership and Board of Directors.

Third Generation Ownership Participation:

Effective October 1, 2019, a group of third generation Vermeer family members comprised of Will Vermeer, Mike Macleod, Josh Vermeer, Chris Heuving, Adam Vermeer and Nick Vermeer joined Archie Vermeer, Ian Vermeer and Dave Vermeer as owners of The Westbrook Group. 

Governance: Board of Directors

Janice Locke will continue to act as Chair of the Board of Directors in addition to her roles as Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Westbrook Group of Companies.  She is joined at the Director level by Second and Third Vermeer Family members consisting of Archie Vermeer, Ian Vermeer, Dave Vermeer, Will Vermeer and Michael Macleod.  

Governance: Officers

Chad Boulay, Archie Vermeer, Calvin Ellens and Dave Vermeer will remain as Officers in the capacity of President and CEO of Sierra Flower Trading/Savoir Fleur, Westbrook Systems, Westbrook Greenhouses and Stirling Trailers, respectively.  Ian Vermeer remains as Corporate Secretary for the Westbrook Group of Companies.

This transition marks an exciting new chapter in Westbrook’s history as we move to the third generation Vermeer family ownership supported by non-family Officers, Directors and management leadership.

These changes will position the group of companies well for future growth and ensure long term investment decisions and career opportunities.

The Westbrook Group of Companies has been in operation over 50 years, starting as a small family run greenhouse in 1959. 

The Group now consists of four main businesses:


  • 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in the Niagara Peninsula focused on the design and build of commercial and production-grade greenhouse structures
  • Over 810,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses, growing high quality potted plants for the North American mass retail market
  • Two distribution facilities in Quebec and Ontario providing high quality cut flowers throughout North American
  • Stirling Trailers leading manufacturers of Galvalume® personal use trailers

The Westbrook Group of Companies provide potted plants, cut flowers and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America

4994 North Service Road
Beamsville, Ontario

Phone: 1.800.263.0230

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